Sunday, 11 March 2012

Special Wat Mrs. S from Mr. S

Posted by Mr Syahmi & Mrs Shahiera at 11:46 pm
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firstly nie second entry yg Mr. S tlis..
Mrs. S x smpt nk tlis entry nie.. 
tu yg Mr. S jek yg tlis dlu byk2..
ok2.. da2.. nie yg nk Mr. S nk cte
Mr. S da wat 1 bede yg sngt special utk my love Mrs. S
Mr. S da wat kn 1 burger tok Mrs. S!!
burger ny 2 dging, 3 roti, sos gn pling special Mr. S ltk apple!
nk gok
nie gmbr ny...
 hah! mcm ne?? sdap x??
 tu je lor yg Mr. S mampu tlis tok arinie..
i love u so much always Mrs. S!!
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